Audio Video

In today’s business world, your conference rooms are at the center of critical meetings and you need the right technology to support them, whether it be onsite or virtual. AdvanComm, LLC, can provide solutions that will allow you to display video content from any computer or mobile device on large format displays and projection screens, while also sharing those images with other attendees anywhere in the world.

Audio Video

A professionally installed audio conferencing solution will ensure that everyone in the meeting can hear and will be heard no matter where they are sitting. An easy-to-use interface will manage the entire operation with no need to guess as to whether or not you have pressed the right button, making every meeting simple to run. In order to achieve this level of quality, AdvanComm, LLC, guides the client through a series of steps designed to insure a quality installation.

Initially, our staff will meet with you virtually to discuss your needs in order to understand the task ahead. Thereafter, someone will need to join you at your location to view the physical features of your room(s) to learn how a resolution can be successfully adapted.

When all the needed information has been captured and with an agreement of the customer, an outline of a plan should be hatched as a guideline for all equipment and the placement that will be required as well as the processes necessary for completing the project. More than likely, all clients will be asked to provide input as to the desired equipment purchase so that all parts to be used will be available. With every crucial item in place, the full implementation can be started and monitored to insure adherence to the project plan, including the time and budget specifications.

Step by Step

Upon completion, the users will have a specified amount of time, depending on the intricacies of the system, to preview and test the various options programmed into the plan. After all the work is done and any errors corrected for successful system performance, any changes requested can be integrated for a working and perfected application, according to the instructions agreed upon, before releasing the system to the customer. Finally, a system maintenance and support plan should be drafted and accepted for making sure that the system keeps functioning as designed; a best-in-class technology solution. This same approach will be practiced for installing any home or office audio video project for theater, wireless networking, or sound system.

Additionally, we can help you move, install, and wire any other office electronics, including items for your conference room such as your TV, speakers, and projectors. These items can be setup in the conference room or positioned in the lobby or a private office. With professional care, we will make sure the brilliant displays are centered exactly where you want them. We will also find the most practical and discrete method of wiring your TV, projectors or speakers for optimal aesthetics.