About Us

AdvanComm, LLC was established to provide IT, Cabling and Audio Video Services, which includes Consulting, Design, Installation, Maintenance and Support. It is our mission to help our clients take advantage of business tools available for optimal solutions through technology integration. Accordingly, our goals are to provide advanced quality applications and impeccable services to our customers.

The strong demand for IT, Cabling and Audio Video Services has been increasing due to the dependency on computers, the current security environment and the need for automated tracking and recording of operational data, as well as the ability to transmit data securely and in Gigabit speeds. As we assist companies to meet their needs, they can rely on us to help them obtain the best results.

About Us

As AdvanComm, LLC, continues to grow with a commitment to excellence as our number one priority, we look forward to developing a strong alliance with you. We can produce cost-effective solutions to your IT, Cabling and Audio Video needs and welcome the opportunity to help you focus on the progress of your company by saving you time and money, two very essential elements in the success of your organization.

Our mission

is to provide solutions for our clients that will satisfy their needs today and in the future. We provide the high quality IT, Cabling and Audio Video Services that enable better communication with customers and within your company. For the best price, we complete our projects on time, and with excellent customer service.

AdvanComm, LLC, looks forward to providing the Services needed and to having your business listed as another one of our “most satisfied customers”.